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Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you try to negotiate or mediate a trial is necessary and in that case you need a lawyer who knows their way around a Court room. With 32 years of experience in Court, Elisabeth Leith Strain is that lawyer. Elisabeth’s philosophy is that trial is the last step in the process and she will always attempt to come to an agreement with the other party be it through negation or mediation. But if it is not possible to mediate or negotiate a settlement, Strain and Company has the resources to go to trial on your behalf.

Starting off as a Crown Prosecutor, Elisabeth spent most days in Court where she estimates she conducted over 1000 trials including high violence cases of aggravated sexual assaults, assaults causing grievous bodily harm, assault causing bodily harm as well as murders. Elisabeth also prosecuted commercial crime, breaking and enter, fraud as well as other criminal offences. She had a particular interest in youth court which led her to the area of family law which she has been focusing on since 1993.

As a family lawyer, Elisabeth has conducted trials involving property claims from those under $100,000 to those in the millions as well as those involving:

Backing up Elisabeth at trial is Debby Baker, Elisabeth’s designated paralegal. A paralegal assists a lawyer under the lawyer’s direction. Debby works with Elisabeth on all of her trials and her job is to assist Elisabeth in preparation for Trial, in meetings and maintain communication with clients.

She performs numerous services including document organization/production, drafting of pleadings and researching law. Utilizing a paralegal to perform services permitted by the Law Society is a great cost benefit to clients. Debby has worked in law firms for 33 years, starting as a legal assistant before passing the paralegal certification program. She also has a certificate in Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute.

Strain and Company knows that going to trial is costly, and we believe that by combining lawyer and paralegal services we are able to provide superior legal services at a reasonable cost, though we acknowledge and stress that embarking on a trial journey is expensive financially, emotionally and physically. For more information please contact us at 250-753-0860.

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